Enhancing the finishing touches - our latest update

Posted Monday 14th November 2022 15:55

Enhancing the finishing touches - our latest update



As part of our ongoing process development and aid to improving efficiency within our machine shop, we have now installed the ‘EVT-320 Rectangular Vibrator Surface Finishing Machine’ employed for smoothing sharp edges and finishing the surfaces of aluminium castings thus eliminating manual deburring.

Work bowl volume: 320lt

3000rpm vibrator motor


In Addition we have purchased the very latest, to the market portable "Pryor 60-30", The PortaDot 60-30 Touch is an extremely versatile, lightweight and mobile handheld marking machine with a marking window of 60mm x 30mm. It is powered by a Bosch 36V battery for ‘all day’ use and features patented technology to ensure that the marking force does not deteriorate as the battery power depletes. The new integrated control system is based on our 4000 Series Controller and has many of the same functions and features, all packaged within the marking head for ultimately mobility. Marking programmes can be created, edited, and saved directly to the marking machine using the 5.7 inch touch screen display so that they can then easily be loaded the next time that programme is required.