HCL -Success, its all about finding the right balance!

Posted Tuesday 10th December 2019 10:45

HCL, INVESTS in MACHINE SHOP -TOOL ROOM TECHNOLOGY to reduce down-time and Improve accuracy!


Balancing Machine:

The purchase of a new balancing machine will help to maintain spindle life of tour exiting machines. It will increase tool life and allow us to offer a more efficient machining time, thus reducing cutter changing downtime to a minimum. The new machine will also allow us to get the optimum spindle speed for tools both before and after balancing to give the best cut possible and a greatly enhanced machined finish to castings.

balancing machine



The investment of a new pre-setter allows us to create a master tool list for each job being machined. The machine’s computer automatically checks to ensure the tool has been set-up correctly each time and warns the operator if its set-up is different from the master list. The allows greater accuracy in tool preparation and reduces any human error with tool length, to a minimum. It will also reduce lengthy set-up time adjusting boring bars on the machine. Every tool that is set, is accompanied by an identification label indicating height, diameter etc. within microns.


Heat Shrink Machine:

The procurement of a heat-shrink machine now allows us to get the best fit from holder to cutter without the use of a collet. It will run true within a few microns and removes the major problem of tools becoming loose in their holders and tools running out, due to collets becoming damaged. This machine will save us valuable time when setting up tools and the continual need to procure collets. It will also give HCL the ability to machine bores with closer limits by interpolating them.