Hadleigh Castings was founded in 1968 to provide a full aluminium casting and manufacturing service.

Over the years continued investment in technology and training has created a modern, high quality production facility capable of producing precision sand casting and gravity die casting to very close tolerances.

As a leading sand and die foundry we are Professionals in producing quality castings of exacting standards. and consistently produce quality aluminium products for major manufacturers, especially in the UK and European markets, and also for other regions in the world.

As a well structured Company, we work within a complete range of Policies and Procedures, some of which are reproduced via the link below;

Extracts from Company Policies:

    Health & Safety
    Recruitment and Training
    Security and Confidentiality

Purchasing Conditions .pdf download below (click to open)-
Purchasing Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Sale .pdf download below (click to open)-
Conditions of Sale - PDF download

Supply Chain Policy .pdf download below (click to open)-
Supply Chain Policy - PDF Download