Precision Sand Casting

We have been producing quality Precision Sand Castings using Boxless Moulding for over 45 years. During this period we have consistently improved techniques and equipment enabling us to combine a variety of sand grades with modern resin systems and sophisticated mixer technology. This allows us to tailor mould size, surface finish and create complex core arrangements to produce castings of a high integrity to satisfy the most demanding specifications.

Precision Sand Casting is particularly helpful to the designer who needs minimal draft angles, wall sections down to 2.5mm locally and up to 300 Kilograms in weight.

We also regularly source 3D printed moulds and cores for rapid turnaround projects.


Alloys Cast .pdf downloads below (click to open)-

Casting Alloys - Chemical Composition & Typical Mechanical Properties
Casting Alloys - Heat Treatment Times and Codes
A356.0 Alloy Detail
BS2L99 Alloy Detail
LM4 Alloy Detail
LM6 Alloy Detail
LM9 Alloy Detail
LM25 Alloy Detail
LM31 Alloy Detail
L169 Alloy Detail

Tolerance Guide .pdf downloads below (click to open) -

Tolerance Guide - Sand Castings
Tolerance Guide - Gravity Die Casting

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