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  • Fettling: Our final finishing department deals with the removal of runners and risers which are surplus to the casting process. The department is well equipped with both hand and air-operated tooling and also deals with any straightening or final dressing which may be necessary prior to Heat Treatment or CNC Machining for example. We also have blasting cabinets which can treat casting surfaces with a variety of grades of different media, either for aesthetic or functional needs.​ Final Finishing: There are also a large number of other finishes or services which we provide as part of our commitment to supply ‘bought out finished products’. All approved sub contractors are regularly audited by our ISO 9001:2015 processes. Example processes shown below:​

  • Anodise: Hard, Sulphuric, Chromic, Black and  Decorative.

  • Alochrom as well as 1200 or 1000R.O.S.H. Compliant Trivalent Pretreatments and Irridite.

  • PAINT: Powder, Wet & Nylon Silk Screening









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